Let the Geeks build


Custom computer builds done by the Geeks.

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Real Solutions

Information at your finger tips and just a click away.

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Meet the Geeks

The 3 Geeks Guild members.

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The Geeks' Guild is founded upon the advancement in mordern Technology.

We are a band of highly skilled and specialized individuals working for the great good of all that is computer related.  Whaterver the dream is we have or will have lived it at some point in the not to distant future.

Not only are we Tech savy but we actually can communicate and socialize with everyone and enjoy to help educate those about the magical world of IT. This is what separates Geeks' Guild from the rest.  We simplify the unknown because we have been there, we listen to those we help, creating a synergistic team effort allowing everyone to be collaboratively involved in all mission critical endeavors .